Global Development and Sustainability Group (GDSG)

GDSG is a platform to provide high-quality training and research in the field of sustainable development. We bring together local and international experts on sustainable development including health, education, climate change, agriculture and food systems, sustainable investment, and other related fields to offer a comprehensive knowledge to the next generation of sustainable development practitioners to take on the complex challenges facing our planet.



The overall objective is to illustrate the potential for integrating environmental concerns into projects life cycle and policy making process to be consistent with sustainable development principles.


Leadership – in order to strengthen the potential of national and local government officials and business representatives.

Tools – to enable participants to initiate and implement national policies promoting sustainable development.

Networking – to facilitate dialogue, experience exchange and cooperation among participants.

Raising awareness – of the need to improve the allocation of resources for environmental protection and rehabilitation, access to environmental information, the capacities of local institutions, and the harmonisation of economic, social and environmental policies.

Drawing attention – to the possible long-term negative consequences for the environment of decisions that favour short-term economic benefits.