GEnTec Sdn Bhd

Green Environment Engineering & Technologies Sendirian Berhad


GENTEC Sdn Bhd is an acronym of Green Environment Engineering and Technologies Sendirian Berhad. We dedicated to bring a green or sustainable concept in our business venture. We provide diverse specialized services in environment, education and sustainable development.GEnTec Sdn Bhd is closely affiliated with several reputable companies and firms in most regions of the world that together offer cutting-edge services, green technologies and solutions. We bring together a team of experts and professionals that have been working together throughout the world for over twenty years with in-depth expertise in all aspects related to green environment and sustainable development. On its Research and Development commitment, GEnTec Sdn Bhd is closely linked to the academic and research community, as well as several universities around the globe, expanding its valuable research and development resources.


Field of Expertise:

  • Environmental Planning and Management,
  • Environmental Quality, Modeling, Testing & Monitoring,
  • Environmental Engineering,
  • Pollution Prevention and Abatement,
  • GIS and Remote Sensing,
  • Natural and Cultural Resource Management,
  • Waste-Management,
  • Energy Conservation,